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Bacon: Just one product from that wonderful, magical animal.

This photo is of about 11 pounds of pork belly, it's even got my name on it, if you look carefully on the left-hand side of the photo.  It's the belly from the half-pig I bought from a farmer/farm magazine … Continue reading

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Gadget Parade 2009

This morning on CBC Radio's Early Edition program with Rick Cluff I featured just some of the gadgets Fontaine Wong of Ming Wo Cookware has recommended as gifts for this holiday season.  Here is the list of everything I talked … Continue reading

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Cookbook and Gadget Recommendations 2009

Here are my notes from the program airing on CBC Radio's BC Almanac today: Books -  large crop of cookbooks for this year Our favourite stars from Canada’s Food Network have books out this holiday season, including The Best of … Continue reading

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Mainly Because of the Meat – Homemade Pastrami

The other day I was listening to CBC Radio and the topic of discussion was the great delicatessens of North America.  There was talk of Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, the historic delis of New York City, and the decline of … Continue reading

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Island Artisans – Teapots from the Art Farm

‘a r t f a r m’ is the dream of Margit Nelleman and Victor Vesely, a couple who moved from Vancouver to North Cowichan to live their dream of combining a farm with a gallery and teashop.  Victor was … Continue reading

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Can An iPhone app Save My Life?

Apparently, my LDL cholesterol level is creeping up.  Whereas my HDL is fine and my HDL-LDL ratio is good.  What does this mean? Confusion to me, but to my doctor it raises a small warning flag when it comes to … Continue reading

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