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A Proper McBurger, or, Where Judy Goes, A Party is Sure to Follow!

This is a real meal:  A half-pound hamburger made from freshly ground beef and coated with crispy bedcrumbs, oven roasted potatoes, red, ripe tomatoes, sweet onions and special sauces that are as far away from the House of Ronald as … Continue reading

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Assisi is for the Birds, or How Many Churches Can You Fit into a Rainy Day?

 One of our few rainy days found us in Assisi, joining the squelch of tourists paying homage to St. Francis in ponchos and umbrellas. Even the birds tried to stay out of the rain, sparrows hopping underneath outdoor tables, pecking … Continue reading

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Understanding Italy, or, Why The Country Halts for Football or Miracles

As we hit Orvieto, the Umbrian city closest to Rome, Italy was playing a World Cup soccer game.  The streets were empty, but we could hear the play-by-play of the game echoing down the narrow cobblestoned streets from every direction. … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday – ‘Camp Food’ from Campo di Fiori or ‘The 15-Euro Bag of Peas’

We're back in Canada now, visiting family in Ontario, but over the next few days I'll catch you up on our final days in Italy.Our apartment in Rome was just a few steps from Campo di Fiori, home to a … Continue reading

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Island Artisans – The Zero Mile Diet

The Hundred Mile Diet is a phrase familiar to anyone who has decided to make local food a larger part of their diet.  But how about the Zero-Mile Diet? Today on Island Artisans I talked about a very inspirational visit … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday – We’re Just Here for the Beer. Or, If It’s Thursday it Must be Gnochhi Night

I first discovered Baladin beer when visiting the massive Eataly store in Turin.  When my friend Dwight Stanford let me know there was a Baladin pub in Rome, we just had to make the pilgrimage.  Baladin is an Italian artisanal … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday – How To Live Like a Roman

We have been in Rome for five days already.  We decided that we were not going to push ourselves to do too much, especially as it is very hot and humid, so we are living like Romans.  Do a little … Continue reading

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Sicilian Sojourn – Last days on the Island or “Race with the Devil”

Guest post by Ramona!  There is only one word for Sicilian drivers: insane!  Stop means go a little slower, Yield means have a quick glance in the mirror, and the line in the middle of the road means there is … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday, Early Days: Is There A Convent Around Here?

Ah, Roma, the eternal city.  They say all roads lead to Rome.  For us, when we are here, all roads lead to cappuccini and brioches. We arrived from Palermo without incident, but then had a slight glitch when the car … Continue reading

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Sicilian Sojourn Day 6 – The Italian Job, or ‘Pull in the Mirrors!’

This morning we went for coffee and a pastry in downtown Sciacca.  As we were slurping (espresso for Ramona, cappucino for me) and downing a tiny cornetto stuffed with pistachio cream, a slim, well-turned out woman who appeared to be … Continue reading

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