Food For Thought – Sake Making

Img_6444Sorry for the late posting on last week’s column, but here is the information at last.  Pictured at left is Masa Shiroki, who with the help of Cassandra Anderton, is serving guests a taste of freshly pressed sake, fermented rice wine that has been stewing away in a tank for 25 days.  Masa is Canada’s only artisan sake maker, and just celebrated his first anniversary of operations at his small facility on Vancouver’s Granville Island.  You can listen to the audio of my documentary by clicking here.

Img_6447 This is the press where sacks of the fermented rice are placed.  Then a heavy weight is placed on top to squeeze out the fresh sake.  The unfiltered sake is light and refreshing, not like the low-quality stuff I drank hot when I was in university!  This is best served chilled.

Visit Masa’s website for much more information.

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