James Barber Passes On

Photo_aboutSad news came to me on Saturday…a man that I looked up to for many years has passed away.  James Barber, known to many Canadians and people around the world as the Urban Peasant, died suddenly at age 84 in his home in the Cowichan Valley on Thursday, November 29th.

Dsc_1514 My condolences to his family.  I am planning a tribute to James on my next All You Can Eat podcast.  Check my website or blog for more details in the coming days.  You can read a CBC News story about James here.  I appeared on The Early Edition on CBC Vancouver this morning to talk about James, you can listen to my chat with Rick Cluff, and I’ve posted a Facebook photo album of some shots I have of James at various events.  You can view it here, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

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  1. Liza Harris says:

    James was one of our household heroes. In 1976, planning to surprise my boyfriend with a handcrank ice-cream maker, I looked James up in the Vancouver phone book when the recipe failed. James told me just what to do, it worked, the party was a success. We bought each of his books as they came out. Avocado
    Dessert…The Ultimate Simplicity…Pseudo Psourdough Pancakes…Chicken with Dumplings… Lady Di’s Nanny’s Fave Pudding! As our kids grew up and moved on, we gave them James’s books. His kitchen philosophy of using what you have on hand, making the best of it, applies to life of course. Does anyone remember his columns in Vancouver Magazine? And Pacific Yachting? We have been lucky to have such a generous writer and cook in our midst. Thank you, James!

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