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TeachingBesides being a food and travel journalist, I am also a writing instructor. I teach people how the freelance writing process works and how to get their food or travel articles published. I do this under the auspices of The Writing Centre, a division of UBC Continuing Studies.

You can learn from me in two ways, in person or online. My in-person classes take place either at the UBC Point Grey Campus or in downtown Vancouver at the UBC Robson Square facilities. The in-person classes combine food and travel writing together, but if you prefer to specialize in one or the other, the online classes are separated into separate food writing or travel writing options.

There are more and more opportunities to get published today with the advent of digital publishing and the world of blogs and specialty websites offering pay for content. I teach you how to approach editors with your ideas and how to take your initial idea and turn it into a polished, publishable story.

To find out which classes are currently being offered and to read the course descriptions, just click on this link to get to the UBC Writing Centre online calendar and look for the Food and Travel Writing, Food Writing and Travel Writing listings.

don pasta

Making Pasta

Then there are the cooking classes. Right now I teach classes occasionally at Kilrenny Farm in Cowichan Bay, usually specializing in regional Italian cuisine. The classes are very reasonably priced and you leave with a full belly and a sheaf-full of new recipes to try at home. Go to the Kilrenny Farm website to see when I’m teaching next, it’s usually about once a month and I usually show photos from my foodie adventures in Italy to spice up the class.

I also will come to your home or other suitably-equipped kitchen to teach a cooking class, which can be hands-on, demonstration, or a combination of both. Contact me through don at don genova dot com.

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  2. Marlene Hale ( chefmaluh) says:

    I would like your knowledge on First Nation’s culture and cuisine !

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