The Thermomix Diaries

Super. Kitchen. Machine.  That’s just one way people describe the Thermomix. I also call it a hot food processor on steroids. This countertop appliance grinds, chops, purees, blends, toasts (as in spices and nuts), steams, kneads doughs, whips, heats (and holds at constant temperatures), stirs, weighs with its built in scale, and so on and so on.

I like the Thermomix so much I act as a consultant for the company in British Columbia. That means I demonstrate them on demand and sell them to whichever lucky person wants to make their cooking lives easier and more exciting.

I’ll tell you right up front that this is not a cheap machine. Regular price is $1599 + applicable taxes. (GST and PST in BC) But after I got my own Thermomix I got rid of my blender, stand mixer and food processor. It is fairly simple to learn and doesn’t come with a lot of accessories to lose or break.  If you want to read more about it from an unbiased source I suggest you read this review written by Rob Mifsud in the Globe and Mail. And here’s another great article about the advantages of buying a Thermomix from Journal of a French Foodie. Oh, and good luck trying to find a used machine. Once people buy them they never get rid of them!

To read about the latest ways I use my Bimby (a nickname for the machine popular in Portugal) just click on my Thermomix Diaries category to read the associated blog posts.

To see the Bimby (and Me) in action making an asparagus risotto, watch the YouTube posted below. And if you want any more information or a demonstration within the Greater Vancouver or South Vancouver Island area, email me at don at dongenova dot com.

Thanks to Nick Versteeg of DV Cuisine for the video production.

7 Responses to The Thermomix Diaries

  1. Loved your video. What’s next?

  2. Kirk Tremblay says:

    The asparagus risotto video is really well done Mr. Genova. It’s so easy to follow and understand. The end results look very appetizing. I would love to see more videos from you. Are there others?

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  4. Álvaro says:

    Hello Don Genova from Spain.

    I really love your first thermovideo, I made it resulting in two satisfied ” customers” the recipe is easy to make

    Looking forward to your next video, I would challenge you to try to make a paella or tortilla de patatas


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