Can An iPhone app Save My Life?

Lose itApparently, my LDL cholesterol level is creeping up.  Whereas my HDL is fine and my HDL-LDL ratio is good.  What does this mean? Confusion to me, but to my doctor it raises a small warning flag when it comes to the risk of heart attack.

He doesn't want to put me on drugs to lower the cholesterol, recommending diet and exercise instead. Gee, aren't I allergic to those?

Those recce's are nothing new from my doctor, but this time he really meant it.  Then my wife Ramona came up with this iPhone app called Lose It.  

We both installed it, set our goals, (it's very user friendly) and starting keeping track of what we eat and how much we exercise. It does all the calorie calculating and shows how you are doing on a daily and weekly basis as far as meeting your calorie goals.  The search function has thousands of food items in it, but you can also add new foods, as long as you make sure you assign a calorie count to a new entry.

I set my Lose It app to help me lose 1 pound a week, which means I am only supposed to eat just over 2000 calories a day. (you get to eat more if you exercise)  But after two weeks I am already down more than 5 pounds!  

Now, the mitigating factors:  There hasn't been a lot of eating out….I find it easier to control the calories when I'm cooking.  The geek factor is also keeping me going for now.  I love keeping track of the calories and love when I do some exercise so I can eat a couple of hundred more calories that day.  I like learning how many calories are in some of my everyday foods that have surprised me so much.

It's easier to exercise when I am in Cobble Hill.  I have lots of wood to chop and stack, leaves to rake, and circle routes to walk to get the mail. Walking, chopping, gardening and even vacuuming all have their own particular time/calories burned. 

So, losing weight and exercising are fun for now…it may get a little more difficult as we get into the holiday season. But I have to go and see my doctor again in early January…

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