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Food Matters – Find a Good Local Butcher

Hanging Beef You don’t have to look very hard to find news about problems with meat products destined for our dinner tables. The big news over the past couple of weeks has been associated with horsemeat being found in food … Continue reading

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Food Matters – Hawaiian ‘Vacation’

When my colleagues at All Points West found out I was headed to Hawaii for a little vacation this week, they were a little jealous. So they decided to make me do some work. But it’s the kind of work … Continue reading

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Food Matters – Here’s the Beef!

Canada’s beef industry is taking another black eye these days as recalls spread from the XL Foods processing plant in Alberta and more people are reported sick from e coli contained in beef products processed at that plant. Thursday on … Continue reading

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Food Matters – Where’s the Beef?

Beef is one of our favourite foods in Canada. According to industry figures, every Canadian consumes 46 pounds of beef every year. But how much do you know about the kind of beef you’re buying or how it is raised? … Continue reading

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