How to Become A Food and Travel Writer – Online!

Mayne Don Yes, you can be a world-wide ranging travel writer, or a discerning food writer, taking photos to go along with your words, and I can show you how to do it, all from the comfort of your own computer.

Next week (April 30th) my 100% online Food Writing and Travel Writing courses start through the UBC Writing Centre.

Over the following 8 weeks you’ll learn all the ins and outs of the freelance writing game in whichever discipline you choose.

Both courses cover topics such as how to find the right publication to write for, how to write a query letter to an editor in order to get published and basic digital photography techniques so you have the right photos to go along with your story.

The real advantage to taking one of these courses with me is the personalized feedback you get from me on all of your assignments.  It’s like having an editor take you through the entire process.  Here’s what some of the students from my last food writing class said on their evaluation forms:

“Don was very prolific in his weekly instruction. He challenged my writing and gave valuable and extensive feedback each week. I’ve taken a variety of online classes in the last 5 years and Don is definitely the best instructor I’ve had.”

“I hoped to improve my food writing skills. I am currently looking for work and felt this course would be valuable in any position in the hospitality industry. In the short time the class ran, I learned more about the food writing industry than expected and improved my skills greatly.”

“The variety of topics was astonishing. I am so sorry this class is ending. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.”

If you’ve ever thought of doing some writing for publication, your own blog or just for personal pleasure, these courses can help get your started. Just click on either of the links above, and don’t hesitate to contact me or The Writing Centre for more information.

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15 Responses to How to Become A Food and Travel Writer – Online!

  1. Vicki says:

    Can you tell me if/when you will be offering your online food writing course again? Also, is this course appropriate for beginners?

    Thank you,

    • Don Genova says:

      Hi Vicki, the online food writing course will be offered again in October. The course is appropriate for beginners as I give each student personalized feedback and encouragement no matter what level they are at.

      • Lindsay says:

        Hi Don,
        I am very interested in the October online course, as I would definitely be a beginner. When is the registration date? Is there limited space available?
        Thank you!

        • Don Genova says:

          Hi Lindsay and Vicki, registration will be available starting sometime next week, June 4/2012. Registration usually limited to about 20 people.

  2. Vicki says:

    See you in October 🙂

  3. Jude says:

    Brilliant! Would love to join in.

  4. Sab says:

    Hello Don,
    I am very interested in learning food writing and the food blog courses in UBC. It seems like the in-class version is no longer being offered. Is this true? I think i am more of a face-to-face person and I would like to make sure that it is not available before registering for the online one. Also, when is the creating your food blog going to be offered again? Does it matter which one I take first? Thanks! (can’t wait to learn more about food writing!)

    • Don Genova says:

      Hi Sab, Food Writing and Travel Writing are going to be combined once again for an in-person course this fall at the Robson Square campus of UBC. Sep 27-Nov 29, 10 sessions 5:30pm-7:30pm UBC Robson Square. Go to this link for more information and hope to see you in the fall!

      • Don Genova says:

        There will also be another food blogging course offered soon. I’ll post about that as soon as I have the date and location. Doesn’t matter which course you take first…

        • Sab says:

          Thanks! The link you sent me is for food and travel. How is it different from the food course. It would be great if the course outline is posted. I saw that creating blog course is up in Sept (too bad it’s in Robson) I prefer UBC coz parking will be cheaper. I guess I can’t expect too much.

          • Sab says:

            Outlines are up but I still would like to know more about the differences. Thanks!

          • Don Genova says:

            Hi Sab…by putting Food and Travel Writing together in a course our thinking is to cover the basics of freelance writing in two of the most popular specializations. A student taking the course will learn that how to approach an editor, write a query letter and write a story are much the same for both food and travel, but if you are interested in food in particular, you can slant all of your writing and ideas in that direction.

            For example, one of the travel-based assignments in the Food and Travel Writing course is a common assignment, ‘A Weekend In…’ the destination of your choice. But you could focus your weekend on food highlights of your particular destination instead of other touristy topics.

            Food Blogging: New one-day course is now being offered at UBC Robson Square on Saturday, September 15th. Here’s the link:

  5. Julie Abbott says:

    Hi Don

    Im interested in your online food writing course coming up in the fall, what hrs are the course?


    • Don Genova says:

      Hi Julie…there aren’t any ‘hours’ for the online course. Every week new material is available for you to read and listen to at your own pace. You are usually given one week to complete each assignment within the 8 weeks of the course. Cheers, Don

  6. Jill H. says:

    I am wondering if/when the next food writing or food and travel writing course will be available online through UBC?

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