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If there is one thing I don’t like about leaving British Columbia in the summer time (or even in Juneuary) it is missing some great food events, like this weekend’s Island Chefs Food Fest in Victoria or the Joy of Feeding in Vancouver. Meeru Dhalwala of Vij’s and Rangoli Restaurants asked me to pass along the info for this event that she is organizing for this Sunday.

Tickets are $50, eat as much as you want and all food is local when possible (we buy all the meats, dairy and seafood from local BC vendors and it is organic). The prawn dish in the poster is BC Spot prawns. Wholefoods and ProOrganics donate the food that we can’t purchase from local small farmers. Last year was the first year and I featured 15 moms from around the world. This year, I’ve mixed it up and feature 16 men and women of different heritages who carry the title of “home cook”.

I hope you can attend either of these events on my behalf as I am away from BC this weekend!

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