The Kitchen Diaries, the Final Chapter: It’s finished!

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Dear Mike…Before and After.  You must have thought the whole project imploded or exploded or something, since it's been so long since I provided an update.  Well…whatever.  Things inched along, and then rapidly moved to completion, and it has been a struggle ever since to get the kitchen (less so the bathroom) into a place where we can work in there having everything just where we want it and remember where we put everything!

There is still a whole bunch of crap in our pantry downstairs that used to live in the kitchen area upstairs.  Over the next month we are going to go through it.  If we haven't used it or thought about it in the almost two and half years that it has been packed away, it's going to get jettisoned.  Of course I won't be getting rid of my mother's teacup collection and a few other things, but we honestly don't have that much room left in the new space, and we're really trying to keep clutter to a minimum.  That being said, I still have a whole wish list of new things that would finish off the kitchen, just so.

Oh yeah, and the bathroom.  It's really difficult to do the bathroom justice in two photos, so I have posted a whole bunch of before and after photos of the kitchen and the bathroom and captioned them in order in a Facebook album.  You don't even have to be a member of Facebook to look at them.  Just click here, and ALL will be revealed.  Including how much the project went overbudget.  But all in all, we are EXTREMELY happy with the way things have worked out.  Come and visit, and you'll see!

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2 Responses to The Kitchen Diaries, the Final Chapter: It’s finished!

  1. how to says:

    The new cabinets are a million times nicer.

    Claire 🙂

  2. Range Hoods says:

    Beautiful project! Congratulations. love your restraint in decor choices and warmth in the space.

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