All You Can Eat, Vol. 42 – One Smart Cookie

Img_6018This woman is One Smart Cookie!  She is Julie Von Rosendaal, and she helped me bake healthier cookies on this edition of All You Can Eat.  Julie has a blog, as well, so if you want to check out what’s going on in her crazy cookie-cutter life, check out Julie Was Here.
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Oh yeah, the contest winner from All You Can Eat. vol. 40 is Debbie Vargo!  She picks up a copy of Cinda Chavich’s ‘The Guy Can’t Cook’.

One Smart Cookie is an updated version of the original version Julie wrote several years ago.  I like this book a lot, as it’s one of those cookbooks that have you saying as you page through it, "oh, I want to make that, and those, and these, too!"

You can order the cookbook through by clicking here, and you’ll help me support the costs of this blog while saving 37%!

Img_6016 This episode of All You Can Eat was brought to you by Hamilton Beach, makers of the new Eclectrics line of home appliances.  Here you can see the fantastic looking and working Apple Green Standmixer I used in this episode.  To find out more about this mixer and other appliances in the line, American listeners should go to Hamilton, while Canadian listeners can visit Hamilton

All You Can Eat is a member of the Culinary Media Network, where we have a cookie baking challenge on the go, so make sure you listen to the podcasts of other members. 

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