All You Can Eat – The Guy Can’t Cook!

Img_5572On this episode of All You Can Eat I welcomed Calgary cookbook author Cinda Chavich to my test kitchen.  We chatted and I cooked a couple of dishes from her latest book, The Guy Can’t Cook, a super collection of recipes that even the most challenged of cooks can handle. To listen to the podcast, click here.

During the podcast you will hear details of how you can win a copy of Cinda’s book!

And to see some more photos of the dishes we cooked, you can view an album on my Facebook page.  To save money on your website needs, check out  When you finish shopping, enter code eat3 for savings.

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  1. Iris Ralston says:

    I wish to enter the contest to win this book for my husband, Chris. We’ve been happily married for 18 years and throughout that time I have been the primary cook for our family. Fortunately I enjoy cooking so it hasn’t felt like a burden but I wanted to share a sweet story about Chris and one of his cooking escapades during our courtship. We met late November, 1987 and my birthday falls the end of January. For my birthday in 1988, I had gone away for a weekend with some friends and Chris had elected to stay at my home to take care of my cat. He also decided to surprise me with a birthday cake when I returned. It was a very beautiful cake – a double layered white cake with a delicious pink frosting! I was very touched that he had gone to all the trouble to make this cake for me, as I was aware that he hadn’t much experience. He sliced the cake into pieces and passed it out to all our friends and one by one, we started to enjoy this lovely cake. Unfortunately, Chris had baked the cake in our new microwave oven and it was hard and inedible. Everyone was gracious and quietly just laid their uneaten portions down, without comment. It was an awkward moment but Chris was able to laugh about it afterwards and it moved me closer to falling in love with this wonderful man. It is one birthday cake I have never forgotten and a memory that warms my heart whenever I think about it. I definately think he deserves this book, don’t you?

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