All You Can Eat Vol. 46 Kitchen Gadgets 2007

This podcast is the second podcast featuring selection for kitchen gadgets and more for successful giftgiving.  Just go to my podcast page to find the link to the audio, and scroll down for more details.  Sorry I haven’t had time yet to add all the photos, but at least you have the descriptions.

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Img_6357 Fontaine Wong from Ming Wo Cookware in Vancouver is my guide.  And if you can’t find these things where you live, she’ll be happy to mail order them for you.  When you go to the website, make sure you contact the Chinatown store on East Pender Street.


Tender Press      $19.95        Fusion
–    gentle way to tenderize and flatten meat without
–    pounding , stabbing or using chemicals. 
By using a rolling motion ( like a rolling pin with tender teeth)
it reduces tearing and eliminates meat juice splatter.
The teeth tenderizes the meat and the bars flatten the meat.

Scrub Skrub’a       
Practical multi purpose nylon Scrubbing glove for removing dirt from potatoes and carrots and other vegetables.  Rinse after use, wring and hang dry.
Machine wash warm water or top rack dishwasher safe.
* works great on golf balls too*

Masher_2 Gourmet Masher       $28.98      Chef Jamie Gwen
What makes the gourmet masher so special?
Innovative design of diamond shaped cutting tines/ blades
and a soft comfort grip handle makes preparing food a breeze.
Food doesn’t stick to the blades like other mashers.
It effortlessly mashes, rices and whips potatoes in 60 seconds.
Works with vegetables, egg salad, baby food and more…
and even blending berries for jams and jellies.
Allows for greater control over texture and food consistency.
Simply press the Gourmet Masher straight down through
the hot cooked potatoes / vegetables.

Pastry_cutter Gourmet Pastry Pro    $28.98
Designed to cut through flour and even cold butter .  No need to
Pre-sift your flour.  Just toss your ingredients into a bowl and
in seconds you get the precise consistency you need for pastry.
Rigid stainless frame
Soft Comfort grip handle


Poach Pod        by Fusion         $12.95 pair
Simple to use and clean
Floats in water during cooking
Just crack a raw egg and pour into an oiled  pod
and place it in a pan of simmering  water until desired firmness
Simply run a spoon around the edges and gently remove the egg.
You can use to bake, mold and even make ice treats.
Great for melting butter or chocolate.

Buzzbuzz Buzz Buzz   2 in 1 Electronic Mill       Cole & Mason
Reg $79.95    Spec $63.99
Unique battery operated mill has two diamond sharp ceramic mechanisms for grinding salt and pepper.
Simply slide the top button  to choose salt or pepper and press.
Fully adjustable mechanisms for fine to coarse grind.
Viewing windows so you can tell when to refill.
Stylish Brushed stainless steel body
Batteries included    6 x AAA

Peugeot U-select Peugeot Pepper/Salt Mills      
Takes the guesswork out of grinding pepper or salt.
U-select allows for the perfect degree of grind,
With 6 Pre-set levels for grind for pepper or salt.
Just adjust the mill to your preferred grind and

Patented Hemisphere 6 blade system, powerful enough to crush ice into snowlike consistency, while still making smoothies, pesto, and mayonnaise.

The revolutionary blade system is designed to hug the base of the bowl, therefore eliminating any food traps.   This prevents lumps in smoothies and cocktails, so that ingredients are shredded into fine and even particles.

Varies from 600, 750, 1000 watt motors.
5 speeds The 600 model offers a Pulse  & LCD countdown display.
550Xl  unit Reg $179.99   Spec. $139.99
600XL unit  Reg $229.99  Spec $179.99
Img_6351 800XL unit  Reg  $299.99  Spec $249.99

Breville Ikon Removable Plate Grill
Reg $199.99   Spec $149.99
1800 Watt element
2 removable ribbed plates for easy cleaning
1 extra flat Quantanium non-stick plate
Variable temperature control
12 x 11”
Adjustable grilling height control is a unique feature that
reduced the weight put on delicate foods like fish or bread
and you can set it high enough for making open melts.
Fat reducing angled grill plates and removable drip trap
It’s now easy for everyone to be chef.

Garlic Zoom    by Chef’n             $12.95
Garlic Chopper
Takes the odour out of chopping garlic.  Simply fill a peeled clove and roll.  The stainless steel blades chop peeled garlic into perfect chunks.

The GRID                        $11.98          Silicone Zone
Potholder, trivet, Jar Opener  3 in 1
Pliable, soft  silicone square, with airy grid pockets to keep protect your
hands when picking up hot items. 
Versatile usages.  Safe up to 675 degrees F, Dishwashersafe

SQUID whisk            $14.98     Chef’s Planet
Squid like shape, thick legs with rounded ends works wonders in a bowl
Design aerates mixtures in half the time of other whisks.  Eggs, cream and
any cold whisking task.
Put this on your Whisk List
Dishwashersafe   top rack

Drip-Less Collar      $3.50
Keeps your messy spoon or fork off the table.
Unique collar prevents messes by keeping your utensil tool heads off
the counter or falling into the pot.   Hinged design with magnet for easy attachment to the tool handle.

“Zoo Friends”  Pancake Pan           $35.98        Nordicware
Have fun making and eating these cute pancakes
Makes 7 – 3”  pancakes with fun animal icons.  Durable cast aluminum
with a non-stick finish for quick release and easy clean-up

Fridge Fresh           $9.98
All natural odor and moisture absorber
Absorbs all odors and moisture inside your fridge .
Prevents cross contamination of food smells and flavors
Keeps fruits and vegetables fresher and longer
Leave in place for one to three months
Recharge by placing in direct sunlight for 8 hours or outdoors in fresh air for 10 days to recharge. Reusable, Non-toxic, unscented and environmentally friendly
Main ingredient is a naturally occurring mineral formed through volcanic activity.
The minerals are molecular sponges with large internal cavities, where molecules can be absorbed. Odors have positive charges and Naturzaire products have negative charges.
Good news is opposites attract!

Bodum Travel Press       $12.50    Spec  $9.99
Have your favorite coffee or tea wherever you go.
Add ground coffee or tea leaves, hot water, press and enjoy.
Holds 16 oz of keeps beverages warm for up to 2 hours
Use coarse ground coffee for optimum results approx 2 tbsp
And water according to your personal taste

For Life “ Tea Infuser”          $17.98
Turn you mug to “tea for one” anytime
Perfect for brewing loose whole leaf tea
Mesh bottom allows for smooth tea flow.
Lid doubles as a coaster.
Stainless steel and silicone construction

Cupcooley       $4.95       FusionBrands
Reusable silicone cup cozy, fits standard cup
sizes.  Heat resistant & slip resistant
flexible and collapsible.

Munchlers Insulated Lunch Bags       $11.98         BUILT
Whimsical and practical lunch bags.  Made of lead and food safe polypropylene.
Unzips to a flat placemat.  Save hundred of bags over the year.
Fun Animal Characters.

Gourmet Getaway Insulated Lunch Tote.    $29.98   Spec $14.99   BUILT
Great for carrying all kinds of objects besides food.
Neoprene material keep things cool or warm for up to 4 hours

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  1. I really like that Gourmet Pastry Pro. I just like how it can cut through the butter like that.

  2. Dan says:

    You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. judy says:

    I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

  4. forager206 says:

    Ha, Those “potato” scrubber gloves (13 BUCKS)!=D
    *dies lafing*
    You can get the Same things at the Dollar Store for the bath. Guess how much they cost.

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