All You Can Eat, vol. 39 – Into the Vietnamese Kitchen

Img_5205_3 This week on All You Can Eat meet Andrea Nguyen, author of Into The Vietnamese Kitchen.  She demystifies the home-cooking aspects of this fresh and vibrant cuisine. You can visit her website here. In this podcast I tour a fascinating shop called Asia Market in Vancouver, which carries so many of the ingredients necessary for the cooking of south-east Asian recipes.  Here is the direct link to the mp3 file.  The podcast is about a half-hour in length.

Vietkitchen_2 Andrea’s cookbook is a great place to get started on making your own Vietnamese cuisine at home.  If you follow this link to purchase the book through, you’ll save over $16.00 off the cover price.

Img_5351I have made a few dishes from her book, and they have all turned out in an amazing fashion.  I wanted to keep some for leftovers, and had to battle my wife Ramona to keep her from gobbling down the entire serving of this cucumber salad.  Here is the recipe , courtesy of Andrea Nguyen, which will open as a Word document.

The other recipe I made was for grilled boneless chicken thighs, which were delicious in their simplicity with a marinade consisting of oil, lime juice, fish sauce and lots and lots of black pepper.  You then make a fresh dipping sauce at the table in individual dishes using wedges of lime, salt, pepper and hot chili peppers.  Here’s the recipe.

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  1. Andy says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been listening to your podcast for a while now and absolutely love it! I have went back and listened to all of them. keep up the great work and thanks for putting out such a great show.

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