All You Can Eat – Vol. 49 Anna Olson Saves the Day!

Anna1In this episode of All You Can Eat, Food Network Canada star Anna Olson helps me out of a jam by taking a shopping excursion and making suggestions for a great impromptu meal.

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Anna made some quick and easy Asiago Spinach squares for an appetizer, and gave me super suggestions for grilled leg of lamb, fresh green salad and rhubarb-apple crisp.  I’ll be posting in more detail about this for, and I’ll link to that post, uh, when it gets posted!

You can watch Anna Olson’s new show called ‘Fresh’ weekdays on Food Network Canada.

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  1. daniela says:

    hola anna soy una admiradora tuya de argentina y me encantaria saber mucho mas sobre cocina y tu pais canada.espero tu respuesta.

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