Back to School is Special

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Come back to school with me. It’ll be fun, really! I’m a gentle marker. I give constructive criticism. I don’t yell at you like Gordon Ramsay. And you might even get launched into a new career.

My courses in Food and Travel Writing and Creating and Sustaining Your Blog begin next week (September 23rd) . In-person at UBC’s Point Grey campus for Food and Travel Writing. 100% online for the blogging or food and travel writing. Will I see you soon, in person or virtually? Details below:

Online or In-Person Food and Travel Writing Courses/UBC Writing Centre

If you’ve always dreamed about sharing your observations about food and travel with a wider audience, this course is for you. I introduce you to the exciting world of writing about food and travel as I explain how the freelance writing process works and offer tips on generating ideas and expressing them in query letters to editors. You also learn about restaurant reviewing, cookbook and recipe writing, and making your travel story stand out from all the others. By the end of the course, you should have a saleable query letter to send out and the first draft of a story, with feedback on your writing and story structure.
For more information and a course outline, go to this UBC Continuing Studies website

Creating and Sustaining Your Blog

Do you have a passion, skill, or set of experiences that you want to use as the foundation for a blog? Are you interested in becoming a professional writer and planning to start a blog that will serve as your portfolio? Join me to learn about creating captivating content for your new blog, engaging readers right away, and keeping your posts consistent and frequent enough to build community and keep readers engaged. This is very much an opportunity for you to use me as your ‘sounding board’ for your ideas and to review your writing before you put it ‘out there’. To register head to this UBC website.

Hope you can join me for any of these courses.


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