Back to School!

UVic Calendar No, I'm not going back to school again, but you could be!

Enrolment is now underway for the various courses I teach at UBC and the University of Victoria.  At UBC I teach Food and Travel Writing, so whether you want to write for newspapers or magazines, or just want to make sure your food or travel writing for your blog is the best it can be, that's the course for you. More about that course later. Oh, and I'm teaching a tomato cooking class as well, read on.

IMG_8156 The first course of the fall season takes place on Saturday, September 18th at Silk Road Tea in Victoria.  It's called Introduction to Tea and I will be helped by the staff at Silk Road to take you through the history of tea along with extensive tastings.  For more tastings, join me for five delicious Wednesday evening starting October 7th in a course called Cooking the Books.  I'll examine (and cook from) a number of books I consider to be essential parts of our food history and culture and how these books affect how we cook today, especially in our current economy and heightened awareness of where our food comes from.  For more information on both of these courses you can click on the links above, or download or pick up UVic's Continuing Studies calendar for Fall 2009.  My courses are listed on page 45 of the physical calendar, page 47 of the download.  Yes, you can register on line!
Don tomatoes
That's me
…looks like I am about 12 years old, sitting in our backyard tomato patch back home, holding a tomato that weighs about 3 pounds!  Tomatoes have been an important part of my life for a long time, so on Thursday, September 24th, I'll be teaching an all-tomato cooking class with Chef Eva Cherneff at the Thrifty Foods Cooking and Lifestyle Centre in Victoria.  I'll share some of my favourite recipes like roasted tomato soup shooters, panzanella salad and my quick, no-fail, make-it-from-scratch pasta sauce.  Okay, with meatballs, too.  It promises to be lots of fun, and you don't even have to help clean up the mess.  You can register online for this one as well by following the link.

Ubc writing centre Finally, my Food and Travel Writing courses begin in October at UBC.  The good news is that you no longer have to travel to UBC to take the course if you don't live in Vancouver!  The online version of the course begins the first week of October as well.  I cover all the same material as in the in-person class and give you personalized feedback on your work.  Hope to see you soon at one of the above classes!

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