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Food Matters – Grilling and Barbecue Accessories

My New BBQ Just like summer, the outdoor barbecue season has finally arrived, and with it the opportunity to move the heat from inside your kitchen outside to your barbecue. Today on Food Matters, I talked to All Points West … Continue reading

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Island Artisans – Barbecues and Asparagus

The Victoria Day weekend is just around the corner, the traditional weekend to break out your gear to get some shrimps on the barbie or just about anything else you want to throw on the barbecue. I like to keep … Continue reading

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Bacon: Just one product from that wonderful, magical animal.

This photo is of about 11 pounds of pork belly, it's even got my name on it, if you look carefully on the left-hand side of the photo.  It's the belly from the half-pig I bought from a farmer/farm magazine … Continue reading

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Mainly Because of the Meat – Homemade Pastrami

The other day I was listening to CBC Radio and the topic of discussion was the great delicatessens of North America.  There was talk of Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, the historic delis of New York City, and the decline of … Continue reading

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Smoking and Jelling and Garlic and Planting…

Satisfaction in the summer for me comes from spending hours in the kitchen, preserving stuff from my own garden or from local farms.  Does that sound weird?  I guess I get it from my mother, although I never heard her … Continue reading

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Dynamic Duo Teams To Tantalize Tastebuds!

Do we look like we're having a good time?  The answer is YES! …and you can, too.  Chef Bill Jones of Magnetic North Cuisine and Deerholme Farm and I have been accused of being brothers in the past.  Well, we … Continue reading

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