Finger Food, Anyone?

If you’re looking for the Italian Express cookbook contest, click here.  For the next few weeks you’ll find everything you need from my various radio shows posted here instead of my website while my webmaster is away.  Oh, and my wife Ramona has a new blog called The Lasagna Project.  Check it out.

Finger Food, Anyone?

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the fate of the California couple who tried to bilk money out of Wendy’s by claiming the wife had found a finger in a bowl of Wendy’s chili.  Turns out she planted the finger herself, the finger her husband had obtained from his unfortunate co-worker who had lost it in an industrial accident.  The couple were ‘fingered’ by authorities who doubted the story since the finger in the chili hadn’t been cooked.  See, you should always consult Hannibal Lecter before you try to pull off a stunt like that. The wife got 9 years in prison, the husband 12. That’ll teach them to fool around with a fast food giant! Read more details here.

Good Finger Food: Saveur Magazine has sensibly made a West Coast seafood product one of its "Top 100" for 2006. The list is made up of­ the editors’ "favorite restaurants, food, drink, people, places and things."  The magazine features SeaChange Seafoods’ signature Smoked Salmon Jerky as number 43.

Jerky1902 Way to go, guys!

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