Food For Thought – Fruit Trees

Img_2884This week, a visit to a fruit tree nursery called Fruit Trees and More, near Sidney, BC, where Bob and Verna Duncan grow more than 200 varieties of apples, along with almost any other kind of temperate fruit tree you can think of.  Then there are the sub-tropicals, such as the grapefruit you see here, lemons, limes, oranges, even pomelos. 

Img_2908 Did I forget to mention the olive trees?  Yes, in this part of Canada you can produce fruit from Mediterranean-origin trees.  To listen to our conversation and some tips about what you need to think about when planning to plant fruit trees, click here.

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  1. Louise Rose says:

    Dear Don, In the world I inhabit you are a treasure. I have been a grateful recipient of your enthusiasm, wisdom and love of this place I am privileged to call home. Bob and Verna Duncan are another two treasures. It seems to me that, in this climate of ‘do-things-as-quickly-as-we-can-in order-to-stay-ahead’, we may be losing sight of and connection with things ‘organic’ (chief among the loss of our relationship with ourselves and each other). So I thank you for reminding me that life does what it does in the way it does it and that nature seems quite content with tself no matter how many statistics any statistician might imagine to be important. Although I am grateful for the privilege of this electronic technology, I realize I am at once aware of a sadness… the loss of another organic pursuit… letter writing. The fig tree in my yard has been pruned with Bob’s encouragement. The collards and kale are planted. I long to encourage Michel Farms, Dan’s, Vantreight Farms and Silver Rill to save a bushel each of cauliflower and brocolli leaves for my personal use (thered be nothing like a ‘mess of greens’ prepared with salt pork and a goodly amount of chili pepper, fresh garlic, oregano and thyme to gladden the heart of this woman). All in good time. And I thank you, again, for your love of this place I am privileged to call home. Blessings, Louise

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