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Img_5456This week on Food For Thought, a profile of new Food Network cooking show host Anthony Sedlak.  His new show is called The Main.  To listen to my 5-minute documentary feature click here for the mp3 audio file.

According to the Food Network’s bio of Anthony, he grew up in North Vancouver, BC and started in the hospitality industry at age thirteen, working as a bus boy at Grouse Mountain Resorts ltd. Anthony’s first taste of the kitchen was working as Line Cook, where he was soon promoted to Production Cook. By 15, Anthony became the youngest cook ever to be proficient on all stations at the restaurant. He has enjoyed great success at the resort’s high-end restaurant, The Observatory, working his way up from 2nd cook to 1st cook and then Chef de Partie, all the while completing the Culinary Art Program at Carson Graham Secondary School in North Vancouver. At age 24, Anthony is at the helm of the Observatory restaurant kitchen brigade. He represented Canada at the Hans Bueschken World Junior Chef Challenge in Auckland, New Zealand, March 2006.

Img_5454 In June 2006, Anthony participated in and won the Superstar Chef Challenge on Food Network. That led to him getting his show, The Main, as you can hear in the documentary.

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8 Responses to Food For Thought – The Main

  1. debbie says:

    I inadvertently deleted your show on Beer
    Batter Cod, chips and homemade tartar sauce.
    could you please send me the recipes for the
    above at my hotmail address?
    It would be much appreciated. I want to make it for my mom’s 77th birthday
    Thank you

  2. Mike says:

    I also lost your show on the beer battered cod and chips. Is it possible to get the recipe from you? I’ve been wanting to try it!


  3. Karleena says:

    hi! i was watching the food network and i really liked your show! the only thing is, that i tried to look up your recipe for the Duck and roasted plums…it was different and it really caught my eye! i want to make a great, yet different dish for my family, and i was wondering if i would please get that recipe from you! thank you so much!

  4. Tracy says:

    Great show! And what is the name/artist of the catchy song at the opening of the show?

  5. Shawn says:

    My only complaint about the guy is the way he speaks, which is infuriating. Almost every word he utters that has an “o” in it is mispronounced and generally said in a way that makes me wonder if he’s really from Canada.

    For example, he calls pronounces “olive” as “oh-liv” when the rest of the culinary world says it “all-ive.” Someone who barely knows English might think his way is the way you’re supposed to say it and someone else might say, “What the hell is ohliv oil?”

    Others include “hot”, “lobster” and virtually any word that has an “O” in the first syllable part of the word.

    His techniques and methods are great but, please, someone get the guy some elocution lessons. Thanks!

  6. Shawn says:

    Here’s his new theme:

    “I know what you like,
    but I probably won’t pronounce it right
    …here on The Main…”

  7. jeff says:

    I don’t know who does the song but it sounds alot like Franz Ferdinand (although obviously it’s not). I dig his show and he’s hot.

  8. kelly corazza says:

    I think i watch your show once and you made shepherds pie?
    I made it and it was delicious! unfortunately I did not keep the recipe.
    Was it your show?

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