Food For Thought – Ice Cream Taste Panel

Pro_vay_200 This week on Food For Thought, my taste panel made up of Sam Corea, Steve Hawkins and Cate Simpson tried out 5 different kinds of vanilla ice cream. You can hear the 5-minute audio file by clicking here .  When the last spoons were licked, the panel reached consensus on the best being 4, 5 and 1.  The also rans included Number 2, cow flavoured according to the panel, Breyer’s Double Churned Extra Creamy Natural Vanilla.  Number three, ranked lowest by the panel, is called It’s Soy Delicious, Frozen Soy Dessert, Vanilla flavoured and fruit sweetened. 

Number one was Nestle’s Real Dairy with Natural Vanilla, including fresh cream and ground vanilla bean.  Number 5 was Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. And number Four, top of the cone, so to speak, was actually a frozen yogurt made by Haagen Daaz, fooled the entire panel into thinking it was ice cream.  So the two most famous brands, in a blind tasting, ended up on top.  They were also the most expensive.  In this case, you get what you pay for.  Hope you stay cool the rest of the summer.

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