Food Matters – Out of Hand Artisan Fair and Winter Markets in Victoria

Out of Hand Artisan Fair

This week on Food Matters I talked about getting a start on shopping for not only holiday gifts but the kinds of produce you can still find at winter editions of farmers markets. This weekend, November 25th to 27th, marks the 23rd edition of the annual Out of Hand Artisan Fair, now held at the Crystal Garden in Victoria.  The producer of the show, Ramona Froehle-Schact, says gourmet food artisans have become a larger part of Out of Hand for the past few years.  Now the food vendors have their own section where tastings take place along with the sales and there will even by tasting of mead from the Tugwell Creek Meadery this year.  Some of my favourite food people will be on hand, including True Grain Organic Bakery, Organic Fair, Untamed Feast (dried wild mushrooms) and delicious preserves from the Camille’s Canning Program.

winter market preview
winter market preview

I also welcomed to the studio this week Philippe Lucas and Maryanne Carmack of the Victoria Downtown Public Market Society. They talked about the winter markets coming up in the near future and the kind of products that are still available this time of year. Check their website for more details. The next market is Saturday, December 3rd in the Inner Courtyard of Market Square.

If you have a favourite food fair or winter market coming up in your neighbourhood that you would like to share, just type it in the comments section below.

In the weeks ahead I’ll have much more holiday programming in store, including ways to give ethical food gifts, my annual look at the best kitchen equipment available, and a couple of recipes using local ingredients sure to wow your party guests.

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  1. Hello Don, We have met at the Duncan Farmer’s Market casually and you may have heard of me in my function as the past president of the DFM. I am having my own Solo Pottery Show here in Duncan at the Clement’s Centre this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, 10-5, admission is free and there will be free tea and cookies. This is the 6th year for my show and it has been a great way to show all of the pots including the huge bowls that don’t usually make it out of the studio because I carry all my pots to market with my bike and trailer. More info at
    I was very impressed by your clear explanation of the origin of the eggs last week (i buy them at the neighbours’) and really thought tonight’s coverage of the winter market occuring in Victoria was excellent. By the way the Duncan Farmer’s Market had around 47 vendors last weekend and is outdoors until the 24th of December. Keep up the good work covering local food and culture. The Farmer’s Market is “local culture you can eat”.

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