Food for Thought – Farmers on the Fringe

Don_and_tomatoesThis week on Food For Thought, new ways for small farms to survive on the rural urban fringe.  The mp3 audio file of the program is here .

In the photo, yeah, that’s me.  In a field of tomatoes a few decades(!)ago.  That was our back yard, and you can see the houses in the background, the subdivision that grew up around us.  You’ll hear why I put this photo here by listening to the audio file.

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  1. Jennifer Line says:

    THank you for your thoughtful “Food for Thought” newsclips. I have been listening to them on CBC radio in the mornings here in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. There is an organic food coop farm near town (“Wild Blue Yonder”) that produces gorgeous veggies and herbs– but it has been struggling financially to survive for years. Somehow, these great farmers push forward despite uncertainty and we support them as best we can (given our own financial uncertainty!). I really hope that more folks here in town become engaged in choosing locally farmed food… indeed, it’s the only answer for the future, no matter where you live!
    THanks again, Don. Really good stuff. Sincerely, Jen Line.

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