Food For Thought – Marketing Processed Foods to Kids

FlThis week on Food For Thought, I look at changes Kellogg’s is making to the way it markets its food products to children and hear from some health professionals about how processed food advertising effects young viewers, listeners and surfers.

Here is the mp3 audio file of this week’s program.

To see a pdf of the Kellogg Company announcement regarding its new initiatives, click here.

Here is an interesting commentary on the move from the National Post newspaper. (this link may not work if the Post moves the commentary to its paid archive section in a few days)

You will find much more reaction to the move by just doing a Google News Search on Kellogg’s.

One of the people you heard from in today’s story was Michele Simon from the Center for Informed Food Choices.

Appetiteforprofithropti Michele has authored a new book, Appetite for Profit.  She talked about it at the conference I attended, but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.  But the subtitle, How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health, and How to Fight Back is intriguing and I’m sure you will find lots of fascinating information in it.  You can order it from by clicking here and save 27 percent off the cover price.

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