Holiday Gift Suggestions, Chapter 2: Gadgets and Appliances (podcast as well)

Green Pan Stockholm Skillet It's time once again for my annual kitchen gadget parade for holiday gift giving.  And once again major thanks go to Fontaine Wong at Ming Wo Cookware in downtown Vancouver for some excellent suggestions.

It's a long list this year, but here we go, along with some suggested retail prices. I've tried to put in as many items as we talked about on the air and in my podcast,(listen to the podcast here) apologies if some are missing, contact Ming Wo for further details.

Greenpan Skillets: Greenpan brings you the latest development in non-stick cookware. Thermolon coated cookware.   In contrast to classical PTFE-based  non-stick technology, “Thermolon” non-stick coatings contain NO toxic substances that could be released at high temperatures.Skillets available in several sizes   7 ½|”- 11”  Priced  $59.99 – $89.99

Epicurean Recyled Boards Epicurean Boards:  These boards are made with recycled cardboard, giving them a warm, natural nutmeg appearance.

Knife Friendly,  Stain and Heat resistant
Dishwasher safe and NSF approved
$21.98 – $39.98

Epicurean Gripper Boards Epicurean Gripper Boards
Perfect solution for working on smooth or damp preparation surfaces. Corner Silicone grippers elevate the board off your countertop while securing it in place and preventing it from slipping under the knife. The grippers are removable and the boards dishwasher safe.

Variety of sizes and gripper colors
$28.98 – $42.98

Smood Masher Red Smood Masher  from Dreamfarm

·    Coiled like a spring, this masher creates smooth mash in seconds effortlessly.
·    Food is trapped and forced thru the thin gaps between the collapsing stainless steel coils.
·    Unique spring design absorbs any pounding impact and eliminates jarring on the wrist.
·    Silicone scraper makes it easy to clean the pot or bowl and is heat resistant to 260’C.
·    Soft multi-grip handle and is ergonomically designed to be held in several comfortable positions

Great for potatoes, avocado, baby food and even pumpkin.

Cdn 2 in 1 Probe Thermometer 2 in 1 Probe Thermometer   
Perfect for all types of roasts, meat and poultry
Oven and grill friendly
·    Pre-programmed & Programmable settings for different meats & tastes
·    Instant readout of internal temperatures during cooking
·    Two probes, one flip down on unit, one probe with sensor cable 39”/ 1 metre  Heat resistant
·    Big Digit Readout
·    Dual progress display
·    Color coded scale : for meats, rare to well done
·    Batteries included 2 Triple A, 5 year limited warranty
·    Malfunction alerts if the probe is disconnnected


Microplane Citrus Tool Green Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool
Three in one zester, Garnish cutter and Scoring blade
Versatile tool features:
·    surgical grade stainless fine microplane blade to zest  flavourful and aromatic peel of citrus fruit. 
·    Two decorative garnishing blades large and small to make restaurant style garnishes in seconds.
·    Whimsical colors to brighten up the kitchen, yellow, lime and orange. Add a little zest to your entertaining and cooking. For avid cooks and cocktail enthusiasts.

Silicone Pinch Holders

Silicone Pinch Holders from Trudeau   
Secure non-slip grip / thumb and finger guard
Silicone Heat safe to 482 degrees F
Ideal for handling hot plates, grabbing items out of the microwave

Animal Potholder Animal Pot Grips
Silicone Grips for handling hot casseroles, pot handles, utensils.
Fun Animal shapes, Monkey, Frog, Pig 
Heat resistant up to 500’F/260’C   Dishwasher safe

Hutzler Purple Onion Saver Onion Keepers
Contain food odours while keeping them fresh and moist.
Made to look like the food item, eg Onion,
Keep your onions fresh and never lost or forgotten in the fridge.
Made of plastic, simply twist the top and bottom to attach.
Airtight and dishwasher safe.  (Garlic keepers available as well)

$4.98 each

Good Grip Containers Filled
Good Grip POP Containers
-    Are airtight, stackable and space-efficient.  Keeps your kitchen organized and your dry foods fresh.
The Containers have a unique push-button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch.  They’re designed for modular stacking.
Comes in assorted square and rectangular sizes and can be used in all areas of your home or office.   BPA FREE

Mu Dish cloth w scrubber Mu Scrubber Dish Cloth
·    combines a high quality microfibre dishcloth with a durable built in scouring scrubber.  
·    Lifts and traps food for faster clean-up
·    Quick drying -10 X faster than standard cloths, reducing bacterial growth< Environmentally friendly
·    100% microfilament polyester
·    12 x 12”    Asstd Vibrant colors $6.98

Mu Tea Towel

Mu Tea Towel
·    Ultra soft and lint free, Quick drying Microfibre
·    Super absorbent – holds 7 X its weight in liquid
·    Non-abrasive and safe on virtually any surface
·    Cleans and polishes   $8.98

Tovolo Spatulart

Silicone Spatulas
·    Sturdy enough for mixing heavy batter, curved edge shaped to
Fit mixing bowls and straight edge to scrape sides of pots
·    Heat resistant up to 600’F/315’C    Foodsafe
Asstd colors & logos,   Hot Stuff Red Chili, Yummy Pink Ice Cream
Hot Stuff Red Chili,  Yummy Pink Ice Cream 

Breville Die Cast 4 Slice Smart Toaster

And now a couple of appliances.  Stuff that you use every day should be well-designed and durable.  Here are two that fit that bill:

Breville Die Cast Toaster
2 or 4 slice
Intelligent one-touch auto lowering
Dual Independent Toast Control  ( on 4 slice model)
Toasting Progress LED panel
Variable Browning control
Auto Life & Look, A Bit More Control
Defrost, Bagel, Cancel features
$109.99 – $149.99

Cuisinart Convection Oven Tob 195
Cuisinart Exact heat Convection Toaster Oven Broiler
Precise Temperature Control
Convection Bake  Cooks 33% faster than conventional method
Conventional Bake : capacity can hold a 12" Pizza
Toast feature up to 6 slices
.6 cubic foot capacity

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5 Responses to Holiday Gift Suggestions, Chapter 2: Gadgets and Appliances (podcast as well)

  1. E. Axworthy says:

    Where can I find info and availability of cedar smoking sheets?

  2. Don Genova says:

    I found the cedar smoking sheets at Gourmet Warehouse on E. Hastings St. in Vancouver. You can also get more info on them at


  3. DiamondVVV1 says:

    I love gadgets, and you have some great ones here. Enjoyed my browse around your site!

  4. Cathy T. says:

    We really like to cook and use the latest of gadgets. I will continue to watch your gift ideas as Gourmet Warehouse and Ming Wo’s are two of our favourite visits while in Vancouver. As well as Meinhearts (sp?) for great ingredients.

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