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fffThree words for the weekend. Food, film and fun. The second annual Foodie Film Festival kicks off in Victoria tomorrow and the organizers are sure they have chosen a delicious line-up. I have to admit I totally missed it, somehow it was not on my radar last year but I know all about it this year and people who like film and like food are in for a treat. It’s not a big festival, but does give you a good taste for some of the more entertaining and informative food films that are out there right now. I talked with Kathy Kay from the Victoria Film Festival, who also curates this weekend’s festivities, and she told me that they came up with this idea in the first place as something to fill in the gap between the film festival dates, and thought they might as well do combine things that people like to do in Victoria, like eat, drink and watch films.

This is more than just simple screenings with popcorn and soda. Your ticket price includes snacks themed to match the ethnicity of the films, as well as beverages, including cocktails.  All the films being shown at the David Foster Foundation Theatre at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel have food conceived of by executive chef Iain Rennie, things like samosas and curries for the Indian-based movie, noodle box for the Japanese film, and so on. One of the screenings even takes place at the de Vine winery in Saanichton, with snacks from Chiarellis. The Food and Beverage team at the hotel has also been busy coming up with beer and cocktail pairings for the showings there. 

I have to confess that I have watched an advance copy of Jadoo: Kings of Curry, about the feuding restaurateur brothers and it really is charming and funny and you will definitely be hungry if you don’t have something to eat before you see the film.

People are cocktail crazy in Victoria with all the different bars and lounges and even the Art of the Cocktail festival. In the Hey Bartender documentary viewers will see an almost fanatical dedication to the craft of making a cocktail in that film, and a real variety of characters who work and tend bar at the various venues featured in the movie.  A reminder that tickets are sold only in advance to the festival, use the link above to get to the box office.

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