“Planking Secrets” contest winners and upcoming opportunities to win!

Planking_secrets_1_1Congratulations to Ron Hartman and Diane Nation!  They are the winners of a copy of Ron Shewchuk’s ‘Planking Secrets’ cookbook.  Thanks to all of you who entered.

Upcoming contests:  Tuesday, June 20th on Pacific Palate, listen in for your chance to win an entire flat of Fraser Valley strawberries!

And in a couple of weeks, a contest in which you can win one of Anthony Bourdain’s books, ranging from his first best-seller, Kitchen Confidential, to his latest collection of writing, The Nasty Bits.

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3 Responses to “Planking Secrets” contest winners and upcoming opportunities to win!

  1. nancy carpenter says:

    My favorite meal was at he the Noodle Makers located in Gastown. It was in 1986 for a graduation celebration. We walked in to the most amazing smells and sights. Choi fish were fed on the hour. A moat surrounded your tables. Our meal of crab in black bean sauce; savory salmon appetizers and bottle of a B.C. red wine was enhanced by the sound of the gong, feeding of huge orange choi fish and the lovely kimono style dress worn by the very attentive wait staff.

  2. Jane McCall says:

    Hi Don
    I have had many memorable meals – Singapore steamboat on Bugis St. in Singapore, fish that we caught ourselves cooked to perfection by the Thai women who ran a beach restaurant in Koh Samoi, my first dim sum in Alor Star, Malaysia, purchased for us by the crazy guy who picked us up off the side of the road and lunches with our friend Carmelo Sortino, who can always be counted on to prepare a fabulous meal when we show up. One of the most memorable, however, was right here in Vancouver. It was over 25 years ago. Stuart (my now husband) and I decided to splurge for our birthdays, which are only a day apart. We went to a little French restaurant called La Brochette which used to be in Gastown. It was a wonderful, intimate place with a charcoal brazier where your meal was cooked to order. On a rainy Vancouver night there is nothing finer than snuggling up at a table next to a charcoal brazier watching your lamb being cooked to perfection. Despite the fact we were obviously young and poor we were treated with respect and attentiveness. We have eaten many fine meals since in many fine restaurants but that meal remains a benchmark against which all others are compared.

  3. Jennifer Lee says:

    My most memorable food experience occurred when my husband and I were traveling throughout Vietnam. We actually met up in Vietnam after he had been traveling for four months alone in Asia. Upon asking him what he most wanted me to bring him from home, he replied without hesitation “Kraft Dinner.” So I brought a box all the way from Canada and now we carted it around everywhere in our backpacks, since we never had a chance to cook.

    Half way through Vietnam we stopped at a beach town called Nha Trang. We stayed at a small hotel that was run by a family who lived on the premises. We made friends with the family and one night they kindly invited us to eat dinner with them. What else could we contribute to the dinner but our box of Kraft Dinner? We prepared it in their kitchen as they curiously peered over our shoulders and then presented the bright yellow mound on their table amidst dishes of tastefully adorned fresh seafood, steamed vegetables and rice. They took spoonfuls of Kraft Dinner and to our chagrin put in on their rice. After tasting it they politely smiled, but were oddly too “full” to eat seconds. To this day we wonder if their impression of Canadian cuisine has been shaped by Kraft Dinner.

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