So Much On My Plate – Well-Rounded Ingredients

Tablegrapes This week on So Much On My Plate, well-rounded ingredients, including table grapes, cherry tomatoes and beets! 

I used BC Coronation Grapes to make two versions of Grape Foccacia.  These grapes are practically seedless, a sweet inside with a slightly sour skin that makes for a perfect balance.  Click here to go to the British Columbia Grape Growers Association website recipe homepage, where you can find the recipe for the focaccia.  I also did a savoury version where I used olive oil, coarse salt and chopped rosemary along with the grapes.

BEETS:  Look at your local farmers’ markets for white and Chioggia beets.  The Chioggias have beautiful stripes inside them and along with the white beets, make a stunning salad platter.  Wrap them in foil and roast them whole at 400F in your oven or on indirect heat on your barbecue.  When you can pierce them easily with a skewer, remove from heat, let cool, then peel and slice.  Arrange in one layer on a plate and drizzle with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and toasted cumin seeds for an extra punch.

CHERRY TOMATO SOUP:  I take a couple of pounds of cherry tomatoes and put them in a large roasting pan.  Drizzle with olive oil, salt and and pepper, and then nestle in some peeled whole cloves of garlic and a few branches of fresh rosemary and thyme.  Cover with foil and roast at 400F until the tomatoes have burst their skins and have broken down.  Remove the branches of herbs and pour the whole mess into your food processor.  Puree and then pass everything through a sieve to remove the seeds and skins.  Add a little chicken stock if it seems to thick.  Serve hot, at room temperature or even chilled!

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