The Thermomix Diaries – I’m a Better Baker!

DSC_7601 Life has been happily chugging along for me with my Thermomix happily ensconced on my baking island in the kitchen. I am now a much more active baker than in the past, because of 'The Bimby'. I am no longer afraid to take on big mixing jobs, or jobs that call for cooking egg yolks or whites at a uniform, particular temperature. On the left, these Grand Marnier macaroons were really made from scratch.  First I made the almond paste. Ground whole blanched almonds, added sugar, almond extract and an egg white. So easy in the Tmix!  Then set some of the past aside for another use and added another egg white, Grand Marnier and orange rind the make the batter. The resultant cookies are SO good! Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, intense almondy/orange flavour.

DSC_7625 The other recent success is with a recipe I would never attempt normally because I don't like to fuss with whisking eggs over boiling water.  I cooked egg whites to a perfect meringue batter in the Tmix. After I baked them, they cooled to a crispy exterior once again and the tops easily came off to allow for easy piling on of coconut yogurt and my own homemade fruit compote with fresh rhubarb from my garden, strawberries from last year's harvest and fresh pineapple.  Scrumptious!

Today I will be sharing some of these recent successes with chefs attending the 2011 Canadian Culinary Federation Convention in Vancouver, along with Chef Bob Feist of Vancouver Community College in a short demo to let chefs know how valuable this little machine can be in a kitchen of any size!

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  1. angelina hung says:

    I would love to try the recipe of the above cookies.

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