The Thermomix Diaries, part 3

DSC_5310 Where did the past month go?  Oh yeah.  This is my busy time of year, full of teaching writing classes and preparing for cooking classes, and family visiting at Thanksgiving and, well…you get the picture.  All that to say that I haven't had as much time as usual to experiment in the kitchen, or to blog about it.

But don't worry, Thermomix fans, 'Bimby' has not been abandoned.  While I haven't been cooking recipes specifically designed for the machine, (other than another batch of chocolate-hazelnut spread) I have been using it whenever I think it will do a faster or better job than me or my other kitchen machines.

DSC_5678 For Thanksgiving my contribution to a big dinner I went to was this leg of pork.  The marinade consisted of fresh oregano, rosemary and garlic, along with a healthy glug of olive oil and a spray of salt.  I used the Bimby to whizz up the mixture, making it very easy to rub into the slits I had cut into the crackling.  And that crackling?  A-1 for crispness and flavour. 

The topping for the pumpkin pie?  Whipping cream in the Bimby for mere seconds.  Another pie my wife was making called for a gluten-free crust.  She needed rice flour and almond meal.  No worries, said I. The Bimby responded, again in seconds, grinding rice into powder and the almonds into a fine meal.

One of the greatest things I've used the Thermomix for was one of the best tomato sauces I've ever tasted.  I took a box of ripe tomatoes…some of them really overripe, cut off the bad bits, stuck them in the Bimby with a carrot and some celery and cooked it all, without looking, for about half an hour, then added salt and fresh herbs and my Aunt Polly's secret sauce ingredient, fennel seeds.  Then I whizzed the mixture at high speed for just a few seconds.  Out came this fragrant sauce that had my wife Ramona eating it with a spoon, she couldn't wait for the pasta!  So far, the Bimby's finest hour….or half-hour, really.

DSC_5776 A few more things…used it to make porridge this morning.  Nice not to have to worry about stirring it.  Needed to puree roasted plums and red wine together for a sauce for this duck breast, no problem, then turned the speed to low to stir in a couple of spoons of butter to produce a rich, glossy sauce.

Complaints?  Sometimes the lid is a little finicky to put on.  Depending on what you've put in the jug, it may be a little hard to clean if you want to continue using it before taking it apart for the dishwasher.  But I learned a little tip for making clean-up easier…I'll share that in my next entry.

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  1. Cecilia Soto says:

    Dear Don:
    Could you share The Grand Marnier macaroons’ recipe? I’m the proud owner of 2 TMX machines. Thanks , Cecilia (Mexico)

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