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Img_6453This week on Food For Thought, a look at Canadian food culture through the eyes of three top Vancouver chefs, Rob Feenie, Greg Hook and Dennis Green.  Listen to the audio file here.  Funny, both Rob Feenie and Greg Hook listed Kraft Dinner as one of their favourable childhood food memories.  I also spoke about a unique theatre group in the interior of BC, Enderby, to be precise.  The Runaway Moon Theatre company has been working on a project for the past two years called ‘Food For Thought’!  They don’t think they stole the name from me…

Runaway Moon General Manager Jaci Metivier sent me an email about the project: 

It’s a rather sprawling, mix of community art-making sessions, seasonal outdoor "spectacle" performances, fabulous food made by local artist/cooks and a catalogue/cookbook. We’ve had as our themes, squash, summer vegetables, corn, apples and potatoes, and community participants have made processional banners, huge vegetable ribbons that are woven into a tablecloth, potato print napkins, beaded apples, and corn "kernels of truth".

Now that’s what I call ‘food culture’.  Fantastic!

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