Michael Pollan Comes to UBC Farm

Michael-pollan-190 This guy is a real local hero, but on the international stage.  Michael Pollan is the author of two fantastic books I've recommended on this blog before, The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food.

Next Saturday, June 6th, Michael Pollan will make a special appearance at the UBC Farm in Vancouver.  The current status of the farm is up in the air. It's a beautiful, productive piece of farmland in the middle of the city but its future is being threatened by urban style development on the UBC Campus. 

You should know that Pollan's appearance at the farm is a fundraising effort, his only public appearance in Canada slated for this year and your ticket price includes a copy of In Defense of Food.  Oh, and that this whole thing came together courtesy of the brilliant scheming of Barbara-jo McIntosh of Barbara-jo's Books to Cooks.  Much more info on the fundraiser and the farm is here.

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