Articulate Announcements

I’m not sure how articulate these announcements are, I just like the alliteration. First announcement: Food Matters, as heard on CBC Radio’s All Points West with host Jo-Ann Roberts, is moving to Thursdays at 4:35pm, from Wednesdays. So adjust your alarms, ha ha. As always, the accompanying blog with photos and links will appear after the show is broadcast, and if you miss the audio version it should be posted on this All Points West webpage within a day or two of the airdate.


Second Announcement: I am very pleased to have been named as the new food columnist for Monday Magazine. This popular Victoria magazine is going monthly, instead of weekly, and the first edition of the new version will appear next Thursday. In between the monthly editions, I’ll be filing weekly updates on food happenings, recipes and other culinary musings to the Monday blog.

Third Announcement: Speaking of blogs, I will be teaching a 100% online blog course through the UBC Writing Centre beginning September 23rd. It lasts eight weeks, and I’ll teach you how to focus your blog content, edit that content for you during the course, and show you how to sustain your blog…since no one likes to click on a blog to see that you haven’t updated it for the past 8 months. Click here for the course listing, I’ll be posting a course outline there in the next couple of weeks. If food and travel writing is your thing, I also have courses to offer in that forum as well. The first one is an ‘intensive’ 5-day course the week of July 15th, and there are online and in-person courses offered in the fall as well.


Fourth Announcement: Cooking Classes! I’ll be teaching some fun Italian classes at Kilrenny Farm this summer. First up is Unexplored Umbria, a region of Italy not that many people are familiar with but is home to some wonderful dishes, including: Farro salad with arugula and tomato, Pasta e Fagioli (Kilrenny pasta with pinto beans), Fricco (chicken and lamb with tomatoes and garlic), and Crostata di Marmellata (shortbread tart topped with my homemade preserves). Click on the link above to register.


On August 19th we’ll head to Rome with another great summer menu. Details coming soon.


Fifth Announcement: You won’t want to miss this dinner I’m cooking with Chef Bill Jones at his Deerholme Farm on Saturday, July 13th. We call it BBQ with the Masters, and Bill and I will focus on our love for all things BBQ. Our high­light will be local beef brisket, slow cooked over apple and oak for at least 12 hours. Here’s what else to expect:


Grilled bread with smoked egg­plant puree

Thai-style chicken and peanut sate


Salad of Argentinian-style grilled flank steak over farm greens with chimichurri dressing

BBQ bean soup with smoked salmon, sweet pea salsa and grilled pasilla pep­per puree

Slow cooked beef brisket, with grilled red onion-mushroom jam, kale polenta, smoked tomato, gar­lic and bread sauce

Fen­nel tarte tatin with smokey hazel­nut caramel ice cream, maple-candied bacon garnish

How’s that sound? Click on the link above to find out how you can get reserve a spot at this BBQ extraganza.

That’s it for the announcements…for now.

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