BC Day Barbecue

Img_2173 On the BC Day long weekend I let someone else do the work.  Bill Jones of Deerholme Farm held his annual barbecue, which I had missed for the past three years because I was always out of town.  This year, though, I was rarin’ to go and a fine time was had by all, as we devoured a delicious whole lamb that Bill roasted over a charcoal fire.

Img_2181 He stuffed it with fresh rosemary and coated the inside with a porcini mushroom spread, then did the final carving with a unique knife that has only one side to the blade that a friend brought to him from Japan.  It felt very good in my hand, and Bill used it to slice through the roasted lamb like it was butter. The lamb was juicy and tender; it spent about 6 hours over the fire.

Img_2175 Over at the propane barbecue, James Barber, The Urban Peasant was holding court with a big bag of bread dough, a rolling pin and some help to put a pile of naan-like loaves directly on the grill.  Brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, they were a fresh and tasty accompaniment to all the side dishes folks brought along.  I brought my famous Far East, Far Out Asian Coleslaw…which still seems to get better every time I make it.

After I had seconds, okay thirds, it was time for dessert.  My favourite was a blueberry-strawberry-blackberry-rhubarb crumble that could have fed an army. (with whipped cream on top, of course)

Img_2182 This little gaffer didn’t care much about dessert.  He was quite happy to knaw on this huge lamb leg bone for the rest of the evening.  And the mosquitos were quite happy to gnaw on my wife Ramona…the poor dear just swells up whenever and wherever she gets bit!  Next year she’ll have thicker layers of clothes on as dusk approaches.  Thanks very much to Bill and Lynn Jones for hosting an excellent party.

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