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Island Artisans – Soya Nova Tofu

Tofu is often a staple of a vegetarian diet and it can come in all different shapes and forms. There are big companies in BC that make tofu, but there’s a little one, too, that has been pumping out the … Continue reading

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How To Make the Most Out of a Few Hours in Vancouver during the Olympics! Part 1

I think it was the 20-minute wait my wife and I 'endured' to buy a couple of pairs of red Olympic mittens at The Bay. Wednesday, two days before the Games started and the city started to go crazy. We … Continue reading

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Cookbook and Gadget Recommendations 2009

Here are my notes from the program airing on CBC Radio's BC Almanac today: Books -  large crop of cookbooks for this year Our favourite stars from Canada’s Food Network have books out this holiday season, including The Best of … Continue reading

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Island Spirits on Hornby Island

It’s difficult to ‘distill’ the ‘spirit’ you get when you hit the entranceway of Island Spirits Distillery on Hornby Island.  After driving through the dense bush lining the gravel road, a clearing awaits, in which it wouldn’t be unusual to … Continue reading

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Local Asparagus Means Incredible Flavour

Spring has sprung —or at least the asparagus has at our local asparagus farm, Pedrosa’s. And apparently it has sprung overnight. Finally the weather has cooperated after a week of cold nights. The stalks went from 0” to 12” overnight. … Continue reading

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I Need Some Students! …and other important stuff.

Doesn't this look like fun?  It's just one of the Food Culture courses I taught in Vancouver and Victoria last year.  I'm back with a new slate of classes, one of which needs a couple of more students to make … Continue reading

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