I Need Some Students! …and other important stuff.

DSC_8373 Doesn't this look like fun?  It's just one of the Food Culture courses I taught in Vancouver and Victoria last year.  I'm back with a new slate of classes, one of which needs a couple of more students to make sure it can start WEDNESDAY!  (That's Wednesday, January 21st, 2009)

This particular course takes place at the University of Victoria and is called 'Intro To Food Culture'. It's meant to act as an information sharing and discussion forum for some of the most pressing food issues we face today.  Along with this course, I have another one through UVic called 'Exploring Local Foods' and finally, this coming Saturday, 'Coffee Talk' at the Drum Roaster Cafe in Cobble Hill.

For more information or to register in any of these courses you can visit this page on the UVic Continuing Studies website, or call 250-472-4747. 

UBC Food and Travel Writing Course Now Offered Online!

For those of you interested in breaking into the world of writing food and travel articles for publication, or even for your own blog, you can join me at UBC Tuesday nights between Feb. 3rd and March 31st.  But if you can't make it in person, you can now take the course online between Feb. 9th and April 3rd.  You will still get one on one feedback from me in via email or instant messaging.  Both classes will guide you through the process of approaching editors, crafting query letters and making sure your ideas will get published. Weekly writing assignments, readings and instruction are supplemented by audio interviews, podcasts, and photography tips. Students will also have a chance to contribute to a blog and discussion forums.  To register for either of these courses just go to the UBC Writing Centre website and scroll down on the page until you find my classes.

Bittman Last year I talked about
ways to lead a more sustainable food life.  I spoke too soon, because an important book that can help you out was just published in January of 2009.  Mark Bittman's Food Matters, A Guide to Conscious Eating has all the background on what's happening to our food supply and our health that Bittman has distilled from all the latest writings from people like Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle…and it has recipes!  I'm reading this book right now and I've just started my own food diary to monitor my own attempts to be more conscious about my eating.  Check back here to see what I've been up to.  It might not be that exciting, but I promise you'll find it to be interesting.

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