Food For Thought – One Pot Italian Cooking

Img_6289This week on Food For Thought I welcomed Massimo Capra into my ‘Test Kitchen’.  Massimo is the author of One Pot Italian Cooking, and the owner of two Toronto Italian restaurants, Mistura and Sopra.  To listen to my chat with him, click here for the mp3.


You can order the book by clicking here to follow through to and save 37% off the cover price! 

In the kitchen, Massimo guided me through his braised rabbit with apricots and tomatoes; earlier I made some tasty back ribs cooked with julienned cabbage.  More photos coming soon!

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  1. Gordon Bjorkman says:

    Hi Don,

    Just want to say that I purchased Massimo’s book today, after hearing the interview on your radio show, and I love it!
    I know that it will bring me hours and hours of beautiful cooking!
    Thanks again,


    Gordon C. Bjorkman
    180 – 57 Street N.W.,
    Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E 3B1

    Ph/Fax No. 250.832-5058

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