Parma Palate – I Graduated!

Don_grad I Graduated!
Earlier this month I received my Masters of Food Culture, Communicating Quality Products from the University of Gastronomic Sciences near Parma, Italy. To see photos from my grad week in Italy visit my Facebook photo albums here and here.

What’s Next?
My Food For Thought show on CBC Radio is continuing, as is my All You Can Eat podcast.  In January I will be teaching an introductory course in Food Culture at the University of Victoria. As soon as details are confirmed I’ll post them here, but you can expect lectures in my favourite food products such as cheese, olive oil and cured meats, with lots of tasting! 

I’m amazed at how quickly the year passed by.  It was a fascinating course in an intriguing country.  No, I don’t speak that much Italian now, but I can certainly make my way around, in that I can mostly understand the answers when I ask for directions!  To review the postings I made from Italy, and the places our class visited outside the country, follow this Parma Palate category link on this blog.

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3 Responses to Parma Palate – I Graduated!

  1. thuy says:

    congratulations. i really enjoy reading about your adventures and salivating over the food!

  2. Rzap says:

    What a great experience. That program sounds amazing!

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