Food For Thought – BBQ Part Three

Bbqqueenslowrescrop This week on Food For Thought, I chatted with the The Barbecue Queens, Karen Adler and Judith Fertig.  Their latest book is Weeknight Grilling with The Barbecue Queens: Making Meals Fast and Fabulous.  You can save 34% off the cover price by clicking on the title and purchasing through I also spoke with Anita Stewart, a food activist and cookbook author from Elora, Ontario, about her annual confluence of barbecuing Canadians from around the world and how they take part in this weekend’s ‘The World’s Longest Barbecue’.  Check out the website and send in your story of cooking Canadian food outdoors this weekend and you could win prizes of cookbooks or the grand prize of a brand new Weber gas grill.

To listen to this week’s documentary in streaming RealAudio, click here  . 

This weekend I’ll be at a backyard barbecue on a beautiful piece of property in the Cowichan Valley as chef Bill Jones of Magnetic North Cuisine roasts a whole lamb on an open fire. Check the BBQ section of this blog next week for some pics and a report…and check out the BBQ Queens, they sure were fun to talk with.


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