So Much On My Plate – Summer Harvests

Ken This Friday on So Much On My Plate I shared the fruits of the summer harvest, starting with garlic from Ken Stefanson, the Gabriola Gourmet Garlic guy.  I roasted a whole head of garlic, after trimming the top off and drizzling with olive oil.  Then, it was wrapped in tinfoil and roasted at about 400F for half an hour.  You can use the roasted garlic on toasted bread, or a nice stinky cheese, or in my case, I mixed the roasted garlic with miso, soya sauce and sesame oil, and spread it on a boneless fillet of halibut.  That went on to the barbecue for about 10 minutes.

Img_2021_1I served the halibut with a mango salsa, goosed up with a pickled jalapeno pepper chopped fine, some green onion and cilantro and the last of a box of boysenberries purchased from Helma Stewart at Cottage Farm.

Other dishes included roasted beets, done again in foil with fresh stalks of rosemary and thyme, and some baby fennel brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and grilled.

Img_2005 I also spent an exciting Thursday afternoon at Hilary’s Cheese where I helped cheesemaker Denis Huet make some fresh ricotta cheese from goat whey.  We both agreed that cow’s milk ricotta could be a little sweeter, but adding a little maple syrup and lemon juice made it into a real treat.

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