Food For Thought – BBQ Part One

Img_2042 My latest triumph, a ‘spatchcocked’ chicken marinated with Caribbean seasonings and slowly grilled on my Napoleon gas barbecue.  This week’s Food For Thought is part one of my series on summer grilling and barbecuing.  To listen to the item in streaming RealAudio, click here .

Smoker_exploded If you want to find more links and photos about some of the barbecues and gadgets I talked about this week, go to this previous blog entry, where I covered the topic for my Pacific Palate program.  After that show, I received a note from George Radke at Bradley Technologies.  He told me that his company manufactures the Bradley Smoker in Delta, BC.  I’ve seen these in operation before and was impressed with the results, so if you’re into something specifically built for smoking foods, you might want to check them out.

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