The Kitchen Diaries, pt. 6 – A Lull in the Action

Img_7299Dear Mike…I like it how on your show you diagnose the problem, bring in your crew, gut, renovate and finish, all in one hour.  I should realize, having done some television production myself, that an hour-long reno on TV can stretch over weeks or even months, and that the construction site isn’t a beehive of activity 24/7.

The demolition is just about to morph into the renovation.  But today seems to be a day off for our project.  One guy showed up early this morning just to clean up a bit of the mess left by the insulation guys yesterday.  Nothing else has been happening so far and it’s 2pm.

Img_7303 Apparently there are just four companies on all of Vancouver Island that will come to your house and suck out all the old insulation that has been blown into your attic.  Here they are getting ready with their machine, they ran the hose through the now non-existent living room window and then up to an opening Gerry and Jesse cut through in the indoor gable end of our vaulted extension.  Apparently they were in there for 4 hours sucking out the stuff.  I wouldn’t know.  I had work to do and I knew it was going to be noisy so I went to my favourite little cafe down the road.

Img_7307 When I returned later in the afternoon the vacuum guys had left behind some of what wouldn’t fit in their van, three bags full of insulation.  They were supposed to come and pick it up today, but no sign of them yet.  Oh, and the plumbers were also here in my absence, and roughed in the water supply, drains and venting for the kitchen and bathroom.  The new bathtub has arrived and is in the bathroom, but there is cutting to be done to fit it in and we have a slight controversy on the go regarding the placement of the new window of the bathroom.  More on that later…once it gets resolved.
Wishful thinking?  Who knows…but in the midst of all the demolition I take comfort in the fact that our Romnyea, or ‘fried egg flower plant’ has blossomed.  Here’s a close-up of one of the blooms, which is about 6 inches across.  Tell me again how I need to be patient, Mike?

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