enRoute Magazine, my first contribution

Old_walls_of_the_vermouth_factoryI have just had my first contribution to enRoute Magazine published.  enRoute is the inflight magazine for Air Canada, so it means my story will  be traveling all over the world this month.

The story is about Eataly, a wonderful grocery store in Turin that recreates a typical Italian market square.  The picture you see at left doesn’t really do it justice, but it was built inside a refurbished vermouth factory and has all kinds of places to eat as well as shop.

Why don’t you just read the article?  Download the pdf file by clicking here, or make sure you read the entire November issue of enRoute if you are flying this month, as it is the annual food issue with Canada’s top ten new restaurants.  I have another article in the works for enRoute, more about that later!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Don – you’ve done it again! Your enroute article has made my day! I first contacted you just as you had started your course in Italy – to thank you for all the wonderful food tips for Italy. I probably mentioned that my husband and I go to a different city in Italy every February. We went to Bologna in Feb 2007 – and then spent the month of September in Florence. It was fabulous! I even did a one-day cooking class with Judy (divinacucina!) and mentioned you to her – and she said you had met up with her too! Anyway, we’ve already booked February 2008 for Turin – and so your enroute article is hugely appreciated and couldn’t be timed better! Thank you thank you! By the way, I’m just starting up my own blog – I’m not a professional foodie by any means, but maybe in time it will have some useful info on food and eating around London. I’ll put a link on it to your site! Thanks again Don – and congrats on the article.

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