Wild Rice – the Barbecue Menu

Img_2024 Funny, after not eating out that much over the past few months in Vancouver and at my other place in the Cowichan Valley, there has been a sudden ‘yeah, let’s go!’  This is the first post of a few about some great summertime eating I’ve had over the past couple of weeks.  First up, a quick whizz through the summer ‘barbecue’ menu at Wild Rice in downtown Vancouver.

Chef Stuart Irving has come up with twists on summer classics with his usual magic touch that never results in con-fusion.  The picture above shows his cucumber dong gua salad with warmed chili oil, pea shoots and crystallized ginger.  The cucumber and dong gua(winter melon) provide fresh crunch and the crystallized ginger is a sharp, sweet surprise.

I love chips that are other than the standard potato chips…and this mass of yam, lotus and taro root chips pleases, especially with the addition of a roasted garlic and ginseng aioli.

Img_2030The centrepiece of the barbecue menu (shown here in taster portions, are the wild boar bratwurst hot dog and the barbecue duck burger on a steamed bun which makes you forget about any previous gooey steamed buns you may have had in Chinese restaurants.

Other hits included Stu’s forbidden city nugget potato salad with baby corn, chayote squash, daikon radish, quail eggs, and double smoked bacon, and a ‘coleslaw’ of jicama and sui choy with an avocado vinaigrette.  Prices are very reasonable, so make sure you check it out.   The restaurant is kitty-corner to Tinseltown, so it’s a great opportunity to check out a movie before or after a visit to Wild Rice.                                                                     

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